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While working on the TT Combat kits, I did manage to get some kits finished for me

Spetznazs Tower from Warsenal:

Spetznazs Front

This kit is awesome, really like the Comanche range from Warsenal, and with US Ariadna round the corner it’s a great time to get a table worth of this stuff to recreate Dawn for your skirmishes!

Terrakami Crates and Containers:

Painted these a few weeks back, but I managed to get some really nice shots of these while I had the studio set up:


Much the same as the above, while I had the studio set up I thought it would be rude not to get these under the lens and gives me an awesome opportunity to create a slightly different shadow in Photoshop:



As always, let me know your thoughts.



Warsenal Objective Markers

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Infinity, Terrain
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Some Warsenal objective markers:

1553578_10153240157254569_7436812589273600290_o 10370435_10153240157044569_6175646054668762689_n