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Wow, this has been a monster project and one of the coolest looking pieces of terrain I have worked on to date. It is a massive center piece for any gaming table – the first time this went to the club it was the first thing everyone went to look at.

So let’s have a look at the details:

As with all ZEN Terrain buildings, this one is available with or without the internals. If you get it without the internals you get everything below. It comes with acrylic windows, 6 search lights for the angled corners and the entrance hallway. For mine, I have kept the entrance hallway detachable so that you can transport/store it more safely.

Police Station 2 Police Station 5Police Station 6Police StationPolice Station 3 Police Station 4

With the internals you can add this amazing interior to the building:

Police Station Posters Interior 8Police Station Posters 11

It contains 2 jail cells with beds, wash basins and the laser cell doors

Police Station Posters 2 Police Station Posters 9 Police Station Posters 4Police Station Posters

3 Offices with desks, chairs and acrylic screens and keyboards.

Police Station Posters 5 Police Station Posters 3Police Station Posters 6 Police Station Posters 7   Police Station Posters 10  Police Station Posters 8

There is also a server room with ventilation which has room for a set of their Server Cluster Objective Markers.

All of the doors can be opened and closed, the roof comes off in 3 pieces so you can access the interior. There are 3 access points on the ground floor, the main entrance, side entrance and the hatch on the rear of the server room. There is also a hatch on the roof with a ladder.

I cannot wait to run a game with 2 HVT’s in the cells and each player has to extract their HVT back to the deployment zone, or an attack and defend game with the same idea of extracting an HVT from the cells. I would personally make it an engineer or a hacker only able to open with a WIP -3 roll or similar.

In terms of paint job, I used my tried and trusted method of using Badger Minitaire Base Grey and Charred stone for shading going toward white for highlights for the external concrete walls.

The blue was masked off (There has to be a faster way to do this!) and painted with Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue – Game Air Magic Blue – Game Air Electric Blue and final highlight of Game Air White

The metallics were done with VMC Black Grey – Neutral Grey – Light Grey  – White

The posters were random images found on google, printed on heavy white paper and stuck to the walls

So there you have it – I’ll post some WIP shots later showing the masking process and the sectioned parts.

It’s been a great project to work on and look forward to working on some more of there kit in the future!

It will be available at any day now so fill your boots!

Catch you round!



Hey Everyone,

Since the guys at Zen Terrain have been so kind to send me a prototype of there new Police Station to paint, I thought this would be a good chance to document the process I go through when painting something of this level of complexity.

So the first step is to dry fit everything to see how the fit is and get an idea of what can be assembled properly into sub assemblies before painting.

12122560_10154372304684569_5014445222977282852_n12096429_10154372304799569_7084339034246014918_n12106844_10154372304744569_4087885089556930580_n10670116_10154372304969569_5516758777051861891_n   12107246_10154372304844569_7034440307899180339_n  12143317_10154372304899569_3491452718648810599_n

So this is how it looks after a dry fit. I haven’t constructed the spotlights as they are quite difficult to hold together without glue. As always the fit from Zen is superb and instructions are very easy to follow and very well thought out.

I will say that this is the most complex building they have done to date, and there are lots of very small parts that could be quite fragile and easily lost so make sure you are very careful when taking the pieces out of the bags so you don’t damage or lose the smaller parts.

It would also be a good idea to separate the parts that have multiples to make it easier to find them when constructing.

Again another very easy product to recommend – although I don’t know the final cost of the model, I am sure it will be incredibly good value as always!

Join me over the coming weeks as I take you through the build/paint


Sorry for the delay guys, between work commitments taking me away from my painting desk for 2 weeks, my compressor dying and being ill it’s been a bit quiet on the painting front.

But not anymore



A little sneak peak of what is on my desk. It’s very nearly finished, just some touching up and graffiti to do.

I’ll post up some proper pictures as soon as I can work out how to photograph something that big!

Hey again all!

I’ve seen a new product from Zen Terrain     –     The Police Station!!

11879044_916692335043937_1567969255467209057_o 11891874_916692288377275_8863633799417571200_o 11930956_916692308377273_5912955873560351102_o  11893732_916692341710603_1998786721178257259_o11947908_916692388377265_1144371224488577857_o 11952706_916692398377264_6266496644553545450_o

This looks stunning, I can’t wait to get this on the painting table. I will try and take some tutorial images as I go!

As if by magic, I’ve had a chat with the team at Zen and there is a prototype of this on route for me to get painted – keep your eyes peeled!


Hey again all! Quick update on the MAS District 5 table I’ve been working on for SWAT. There are still too many papercraft bits on there for my liking, but the club want to get maybe a couple more buildings and some scatter to fill it up a bit more.

DSC_0018 DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0028 DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031

We’ve been talking about making one of the buildings a non MAS building as a bit of a ‘useful’ building, so the likes of a medlab or industrial/commercial building to add some flavour to the board. What do you all think we should use? Is there a particular building you think would fit in well with this Micro Arts Studio District 5? I’m thinking maybe a medlab from Zen, but I’d love to get some ideas from the community Next up – some painted Zen kits…… and they are looking awesome!

Later all


So I have some more TT Combat bit’s to show you all:

Let’s start with some rooftop scatter

Rooftop Scatter

And have a look at what we can do with it:

This building starts to look like a command and control bunker – really nice addition

Building B w Addon

If you mix Building A with some walkways and the AC unit from the rooftop scatter you get a much more industrial looking building

Building A w Addons

And if you add it all together you get something like this:

All Together

And then we have the Large Wall properly photographed

Large Wall

As always, let me know your thoughts.

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Hello again!

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted, but new camera meant a slight learning curve:

Using my new Nikon D3200 with a VR2 18-55mm lens I got some lovely new shots. Using F22 with 1 sec exposure, daylight white balance and ISO 100. If anyone is interested in a guide to photography I will post something up another time

So without further ado – the completed TT Combat buildings!

Building A –

Building A

Building B –

Walkway Set – Twin Walkways

I have some more stuff already photographed that I will upload shortly, and maybe a tutorial for the MAS buildings if you ask nicely!

As always, let me know what you guys think. I’m dead chuffed with both the paint jobs and the photography/composition on these, so I’m happy as a pig in ….

See you soon!