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Hey again all!

I’ve seen a new product from Zen Terrain     –     The Police Station!!

11879044_916692335043937_1567969255467209057_o 11891874_916692288377275_8863633799417571200_o 11930956_916692308377273_5912955873560351102_o  11893732_916692341710603_1998786721178257259_o11947908_916692388377265_1144371224488577857_o 11952706_916692398377264_6266496644553545450_o

This looks stunning, I can’t wait to get this on the painting table. I will try and take some tutorial images as I go!

As if by magic, I’ve had a chat with the team at Zen and there is a prototype of this on route for me to get painted – keep your eyes peeled!



It’s that time of the week again, and since my compressor died recently I figured I would get the Warmill Foodbooth 9000 with custom battery box uploaded

So without further ado, here she is

Foodbooth 9000 8

And with the lights on:

Foodbooth 9000 4

And it looks super bright in the dark:

Foodbooth 9000 9

Close up view of the lights in the kitchen:

Foodbooth 9000 3

So the history behind this is as follows – I built, painted and lit this model about 18 months – 2 years ago. I loved the lighting, but I hated that I could see the battery and wiring inside the kitchen (which I was quite happy with the paint work on and really wanted to play inside) So I decided waaaaaay back then to fix this by building a battery box. I then got distracted by other projects and the model got shelved – until now!

The basic box is made out of various thickness plasticard with a thicker material making up the main box, and thinner material making up the detailing. It was all cut out by hand (not perfectly I might add – but that’s why I love laser cut kits!) and constructed on top of a lollipop shaped piece of 3mm ply so that it would be fairly sturdy.

Foodbooth 9000 7

I very quickly realised that if the unit was permanently connected it was certainly going to get damaged at some point so I needed a method of disconnecting the wiring. Looking through old PC parts, I noticed I had a few old 3 pin fan headers and as if by magic, they perfectly fitted the piece of plasticard duct that I was going to use between the 2 parts – it was clearly a sign from above 🙂

I used a Dremel to remove a square off the side of the Foodbooth and mounted one side of the fan header there, and then cut the duct to fit the other side of the fan header. This allowed me to disconnect the battery from the main building and looked pretty cool to boot. I also mounted the switch for the circuit on to the box so I could turn the lights on and off

This is what I ended up with:

Foodbooth 9000 1 Foodbooth 9000 6

After realising how well the fan header worked, I fitted another one to the ceiling wiring so that the roof could be completely removed. I ran the wiring under one of the cookers so it was basically out of sight, and the connector fit down one of the sides.

Foodbooth 9000 2   Foodbooth 9000 5

Overall I’m happy with how this turned out. It’s not my best paintjob as it was painted some time ago, but it looks pretty epic on the table when you turn the lights on. Even better, it now has extra cover on the side for infinity!

I got most of the electronics guides for LEDs resistors etc by looking on google so they weren’t hard to find. The lighting circuit was tested on a small prototype board before being wired in properly to make sure I didn’t blow any LEDs or fry a battery.

Well that’s it for this week, but I did get my new compressor and it is a beast 9 litre tank at 120 PSI, and it makes as much noise as a fridge. Happy days!


See you all later!


Let’s have another update shall we?

So, after wanting to throw my bottle of Vallejo Liquid Mask into a pit of hellfire, I have now finished the Zen Terrain Shipping Company Building / Dice Tower. This has 2 levels of walkways surrounded by cover that would be great for snipers in infinity, or a HMG in the middle of the board with suppressive fire. It also has a helipad with limited cover at the highest point.

But most importantly – the middle of the building is a working dice tower. Throw the dice in there, and they are stopped from flying everywhere by the fenced in section at the bottom. Everyone I know uses building rooftops to roll their dice, now we have a building that has a proper dice tower built in. Bravo Zen Terrain – what an amazing way to add one to the table.

Shipping Container Dice Tower 1 Shipping Container Dice Tower 2 Shipping Container Dice Tower 3 Shipping Container Dice Tower 4

To clarify why I now want my liquid mask to burn in hellfire – I used lots of it to mask prepainted sections of this model, basically all of the signwriting on the building and the helipad on the roof. IT DIDN’T BLOODY WORK!!!!!! AAAAAGHHHH!!!! This building has been on my desk for weeks as I couldn’t bring myself to sort out the lettering. In the end I cheaped out and turned it all into orange OSL to make it a whole lot quicker. I know some people aren’t a fan, but for my sanity’s sake I had to get the model finished.

These were intended to be photos to show how to use liquid mask, but since it didn’t work they don’t have much of a use. I did however think it could be some use now to show the sub assemblies put together before painting


Pre spray in white, prior to adding the orange.


And now for some orange colour to give it the base/glow

DSC_0063DSC_0062 DSC_0061

And adding yellow to shade

DSC_0066 DSC_0065 DSC_0064

And the dreaded liquid mask. If anyone knows a mask that works on MDF or an idea of where I went wrong, let me know.

DSC_0069 DSC_0068 DSC_0067

I highly recommend that anyone working on this model breaks it into subsections to paint, otherwise you will really struggle to airbrush individual parts without overspraying every other part of the model. It kind of goes without saying, especially on large complex buildings like this one, but it really is key. I think this was broken into 30-40 parts to paint before being put together at the end.

Graffiti is from 00 gauge railway transfers, they are a perfect scale fit for something like this. I was actually looking for the larger 0 gauge transfers, but to be honest I think either will work depending on what you are going to be graffiting.

It took absolutely hours to mask for the turquoise sections. This was done to try and break up the grey concrete like sections and I thought it would play well against the orange of the signs/helipad/elevator.

Speaking of the elevator:

Shipping Container Dice Tower 5 Shipping Container Dice Tower 6

At the back there is a movable elevator that can be at the ground floor or the top floor by pushing the tab at the bottom of the elevator in. If you look at the photo on the left, you can see it pushes 2 tags into a notch that holds it in place. The acrylic section is also removable so you can get miniatures in and out without having to be too creative.

For my games of infinity I intend to make it a short action to call the elevator if it is in the wrong location, and a short move to make it go to the top. I’m pretty sure in N3 there are rules for elevators, but they don’t (correct me if I’m wrong) cover making the elevator travel to where you are if it’s not on your floor – probably because no one has made a movable elevator before now so it has been a bit pointless.

If I’m honest, I wouldn’t be in a rush to make another one of these – not because I don’t like the building, but because it was an exhausting build/paint. I absolutely love this building, and it never fails to get a wow reaction from anyone that sees it. It’s just that a project like this is a real time sink, and it takes some serious determination to get to the end of the build.

It might just be that I’m still a bit sore about the liquid mask, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Either way it is another fantastic kit from Zen Terrain and a very easy one to recommend – just make sure your table is clear for a couple of weeks to get it done.

It is available to order from here

See you next week!


Hey guys and gals!

Sorry it’s been a little while since my last post, life has been a bit hectic, but without further ado, here is the completed Biker Bar from Zen Terrain!

Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 1 Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 2 Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 3 Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 4

It’s got loads of acrylic parts, in fact, be careful not to drop the girl in the glass orange pieces as they are quite thin and will break easily (as you can see on the left one – I dropped it) but they are easy to repair

View of the bike parking bay

Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 5

Of course I had to go for the version with the interior- It really makes the building worth going in and fighting over (It’s got nothing to do with it being a strip bar, I promise)

Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 6 Zen Terrain Hab 2 BikeBar 7

Another absolutely amazing building to work on, Zen really know there stuff and I’m really looking forward to seeing what these guys produce in the next year or so.

You can get this and many other kits from the link below

And what could this be?

Dice Tower Tease

Keep your eyes peeled to see what this comes from!

See you soon!