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Zen Terrain Part 1

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Infinity, Terrain
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Time for some Zen Terrain!

(Well some of it anyway)

So this is the triple pack of habitats. I decided to go with some brighter, more neon colours this time to see how it would look.

They were painted in sections, keeping the top half of the building separate, so they could be painted metal, whilst the lower half could be done in colour.

As usual, P3 Bloodstone for the rust, and Umbral Umber for the chipping effect. Metallics were done using my normal recipe of 3 shades of grey, plus white and black with a light dusting of turquoise after.

I used a hex stencil from TT Combat for the pattern on the non door side

And some 00 gauge graffiti transfers for the graffiti. I will point out, make sure you cut as close as possible to the transfer on these sheets, as they will leave a horrible mark around the stencil when they dry as you can see on the purple building. Lesson learned for next time!

HAB 1 All 1 HAB 1 All 2 HAB 1 All 3 HAB 1 All 4

But of course the most important thing with these building is how they stack!

HAB 1 Stack

These are a dream to make/paint, and great value for money. You can pick up their kits from

And before I leave, a little tease of what’s left from Zen 🙂

Till next time!




Hey again all! Quick update on the MAS District 5 table I’ve been working on for SWAT. There are still too many papercraft bits on there for my liking, but the club want to get maybe a couple more buildings and some scatter to fill it up a bit more.

DSC_0018 DSC_0020 DSC_0021 DSC_0022 DSC_0023 DSC_0024 DSC_0025 DSC_0026 DSC_0028 DSC_0029 DSC_0030 DSC_0031

We’ve been talking about making one of the buildings a non MAS building as a bit of a ‘useful’ building, so the likes of a medlab or industrial/commercial building to add some flavour to the board. What do you all think we should use? Is there a particular building you think would fit in well with this Micro Arts Studio District 5? I’m thinking maybe a medlab from Zen, but I’d love to get some ideas from the community Next up – some painted Zen kits…… and they are looking awesome!

Later all


Evening All!

Well look what the Postman delivered………


Shiny boxes from Zen Terrain!


Really well packaged with no damage to parts – love the branded box. It’s a small touch but really well executed



In the first box we have the HAB residential 3 pack and the biker bar with interior:


And the epic Dice Tower Shipping Company in the second:


I still can’t work out how they managed to get all the parts into these plastic bags…. 20150706_081029

Hab 1 Parts – They are all cut completely off the sheets, so no joins to file out or risk of breaking parts taking them off the sheet. Really nice touch, but I do wonder if it might lead to missing parts more often?


Dry fit of the HAB Residential buildings



Instructions are really clear – they make sure they mark where an item may look symmetrical but isn’t20150706_093728

Really, really impressed with this kit so far. It’s cheaper than MAS, but a much higher standard of product. The fit is just right, not so tight that you break the items, but not too loose so they are a pain to build without falling apart. A lot of thought has obviously gone into this

You can pick up their stuff here

And what’s this???? Another pile of TT Combat stuff to do – lots of new kits in here, so I’ll go through them more when I start to unpack them


In the meantime I have a huge pile of stuff to get painted so I’ll see you in a few!


While working on the TT Combat kits, I did manage to get some kits finished for me

Spetznazs Tower from Warsenal:

Spetznazs Front

This kit is awesome, really like the Comanche range from Warsenal, and with US Ariadna round the corner it’s a great time to get a table worth of this stuff to recreate Dawn for your skirmishes!

Terrakami Crates and Containers:

Painted these a few weeks back, but I managed to get some really nice shots of these while I had the studio set up:


Much the same as the above, while I had the studio set up I thought it would be rude not to get these under the lens and gives me an awesome opportunity to create a slightly different shadow in Photoshop:



As always, let me know your thoughts.


So I have some more TT Combat bit’s to show you all:

Let’s start with some rooftop scatter

Rooftop Scatter

And have a look at what we can do with it:

This building starts to look like a command and control bunker – really nice addition

Building B w Addon

If you mix Building A with some walkways and the AC unit from the rooftop scatter you get a much more industrial looking building

Building A w Addons

And if you add it all together you get something like this:

All Together

And then we have the Large Wall properly photographed

Large Wall

As always, let me know your thoughts.

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Hello again!

Sorry for the delay in getting these posted, but new camera meant a slight learning curve:

Using my new Nikon D3200 with a VR2 18-55mm lens I got some lovely new shots. Using F22 with 1 sec exposure, daylight white balance and ISO 100. If anyone is interested in a guide to photography I will post something up another time

So without further ado – the completed TT Combat buildings!

Building A –

Building A

Building B –

Walkway Set – Twin Walkways

I have some more stuff already photographed that I will upload shortly, and maybe a tutorial for the MAS buildings if you ask nicely!

As always, let me know what you guys think. I’m dead chuffed with both the paint jobs and the photography/composition on these, so I’m happy as a pig in ….

See you soon!