Antenociti’s Workshop Tri Hex Bases

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Infinity, Terrain
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Picked these up at Salute ready for my combined army to go on:

11082354_10153897736114569_7127796550278919481_o 11154780_10153897736244569_5553150946916138066_o 11154876_10153897735999569_722991822778986104_o 11170289_10153897735954569_7801813772944386400_o 11136201_10153897735819569_899649479146071732_o

  1. Sora says:

    Hey, is there any chance you could give a quick tutorial of description of how you painted these? No need to take pictures, just curious what colors, and how you worked with the airbrush, thanks!


    • Certainly can,

      I’ll break it into a couple of parts:

      Start with Priming the bases, I use either Vallejo Surface Primer or Badger Stynlrez – pretty sure I used black for this

      Road First, as it’s easy to mask after it’s done.

      1) Spray the road with a normal black – VMA Black is perfect.
      2) Spray Dark grey on the tarmac parts – I used VGC Heavy Charcoal for this as it has a slight blueness to it that I quite liked
      3) Mask the lines using tamiya masking tape to do the yellow and airbrush those – Be very careful with any yellow, as they are really bad for coverage so don’t try and do it in one pass as you will probably ruin the finish and end up with wet paint under the tape.
      4) Use stencils for the arrows road marking etc.

      Cover the road with any masking tape and start working on the pavement.
      1) I used a mid tone grey (Badger Fur if I remember correctly) over all of the pavement
      2) I used a lighter grey (again I think it was Badger Base grey – Any lighter grey will do) and aimed in the middle of each ‘slab’ and sprayed a gentle circle in each. Aiming is important, but once you get in a groove it will go down really quickly
      3) The iron work was painted Cavalry Brown and then washed with VMA Burnt Umber (make sure it is a wash and nice and thin)
      4) Dirt is added with a sponge using VMA Burnt Umber
      5) Blood streaks are added with red on a sponge dragging it over the base.

      Varnish to taste 🙂

      Sorry I can’t give too much more detail in terms of colour choices, but these were done ages ago so I can’t quite remember. But as long as you use a mid tone Grey like VMC neutral grey and then a lighter tone like VMC Light grey in the middle of the slab you will end up with something like the above


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